Nintendo Direct April 1st (Rumors)


Rumors are swirling around that a Nintendo Direct may arise ironically on April 1st according to a German Nintendo Employee.

According to the rumor, apologizes are announced for the Zelda U delay as well as a replacement title for the game to be released this year. Paper mario and Pokemon rumble world

are rumored titles for this direct as well.

Amiibo dates for wave 4 are announced for June as well as mario kart 8 dlc pack 2 and mewtwo dlc dates as well.

It is stated by the rumor that mewtwo doc will be available for purchase in June if you did not purchase both copies of super smash bros for 3ds and wii u.

From this information alone it looks to be an exciting direct with several new announcements as well as some confirmations of previous promises.

Do you think this direct is legitimate??

Tell us what you think in the comments below.




One thought on “Nintendo Direct April 1st (Rumors)

  1. I think this direct is legitimate because Nintendo is due to make arrangements for the Wave 4 amiibos and the mewtwo character for smash. I like this
    website btw 😉


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